April 11 - May 23  2019

Contest Rules

There is no charge for participating in this competition.
This competition is open to all ages.

Singers must register for contest before 8pm on the same Thursday night they intend to compete. All entries will be accepted ONLY at RED DIRT RELOADED BAR & GRILL, 6425 NW Cache Road.

Contestants may re-enter the contest on a subsequent Thursday if they do not qualify on their first attempt. A contestant may only enter the contest a total of two (2) times.

Only the first seven (7) singers to sign up will be allowed to compete in that evening's contest. The event host reserves the right to change the limit to no more than ten (10) singers if needed due to numerous entries. This will be at the discretion of contest host(s).

Singing order will NOT be determined by the order in which the contestant signed up. Once all of that night's entries have been turned in, the names will be randomly drawn to determine the order. This order will be final.
Because this is a Karaoke contest, contestants must sing "karaoke" songs.  Singing acapella without a backing track and on-screen lyrics, rapping or "freestyling", or lip-syncing  would not constitute “karaoke” and will not be permitted. Only commercially available "karaoke" songs will be permitted.

At the time of registration contestants must choose songs from the library provided by KARAOKE DUDE or they can bring their own music on disc, thumb drive or other digital medium. *WE WILL NOT PULL SONGS FROM YOUR PHONE* Also note: Not ALL songs are made into karaoke versions. Be certain that the song request is available in karaoke form (CD+G).
Any contestant interrupted or prevented from completing a performance due to equipment malfunction NOT caused by the contestant has the option to repeat and complete his/her performance.

Examples of equipment malfunctions: feedback, loss of sound from microphone, corrupted karaoke digital file or act of God. Examples of malfunctions that do not permit contestant to repeat performance: contestant bumping into equipment, accidentally turning off the microphone while performing, contestant falls.
Three (3) judges will be chosen prior to the contest for each week. All judges will be selected based on his/her musical background. Judges will be musicians, media entities, journalists or anyone who has interacted with music and/or musicians professionally. Judges may be rotated in/out week by week.

Judges will use seven (7) parameters as criteria for judging:

Song Choice - Did the singer choose a song that is appropriate to his/her vocal range? Is the singer's vocal style a good match for the song?

Pitch - Did the singer start the song in the proper key? Did they remain in the proper key for the entire song? Did they get "pitchy" during very high or very low notes? Did the singer follow the key change (if any)?

Song Knowledge - Does it seem like the singer knows the song well? Does the singer appear comfortable with their song choice? Did the singer miss any intros, posts or lyrics?

Dynamics - How well does the singer use his/her energy to sell the highs and lows of the song? Do they build the song up where it should be built up? Do they transition smoothly between the highs and lows of the song? Do they use good microphone techniques to better deliver the dynamics of the song?

Overall Vocal Ability - How well does the singer actually perform the vocals? EXAMPLES: Do they have a natural vibrato or does it seem forced? Do they transition smoothly between falsetto and natural vocals (if applicable)? Does the singer use his/her breath properly while singing? Do they have a strong, clear voice? Do they have a good voal range? Do they seem aware of their vocal limitations?

Stage Presence - Does the singer seem comfortable on stage? Is their facial expression appropriate for the song style? (Are they smiling during a "happy" song?) Does the singer use gestures or dance moves/steps to enhance the performance? VISUALLY: Is the singer dressed decently or do they appear unkempt?

(JUDGES: Don't count off too much on that one...unless the singer is really just like a slob!)

Audience Reaction - Did the audience enjoy the performance? Keep in mind that one contestant might have a lot more "friends" in the audience than others and that just because they might get a louder reaction this may not indicate greater talent.  If it appears OBVIOUS that this is the case, the judges will use discretion in awarding the appropriate amount of points in this category.

Judges will award up to ten (10) points in each category making for a perfect score of 70 points.  JUDGES: you may also use half points (6.5, 9.5, 4.5, etc.) in order to separate contestants who might otherwise be too close to call. If there's a tie, the contestants involved will each choose another song and compete against each other again. If they tie again, the contestants will draw numbers from a hat to determine a winner.

The contestant with the highest score each Thursday will be awarded fifty dollars ($50.00) in cash. Other prizes may also be given in addition to the cash prize at the discretion of the host(s).
That winning contestant will also be advanced to the finals to be held on May 23rd, 2019 at RED DIRT RELOADED BAR & GRILL, 6425 NW Cache Road.
The FINALS will be governed by the same rules as stated above.

The 3 contestants with the highest scores in the final round will be awarded cash prizes: $300.00 for 1st place, $200.00 for second place and $100.00 for 3rd place. Other prizes may also be given in addition to the cash prize at the discretion of the host(s).

The decision(s) of the judges is/are final.