Dog Gone and Cat Too

Found: Pug/Beagle Mix

Found 9-10 month old Pug/Beagle mix. He is brown in color and was found in Medicine Park. Wearing a black and blue collar. Call John at 580-215-9028


Lost: Chihuahua

Lost male Chihuahua black and white in color. He was lost in the vicinity of 64th and Birch. Call Carol at 512-6694


Lost: Pair of Dogs

Lost 2 female dogs the first is a Husky named Honey and she is red/white in color. Next we have Lacy. She is a Poodle with a bad hair cut and is black in color. Both we lost in the vicinity of Terrace Hills. Call Janelle at 595-0826


Found: Pitbull

Found male Pitbull. He is 5-6 months old and tan in color with a white chest. He was found in the vicinity of 38th and Cache Road in Cache Road Square. Call jacob at 580-284-9341


Found: Pitbull

Found female Pitbull between1-2 years old. She is red and white in color and was found near Kids Zone at 38th and Meadowbrooke. Call Jeremy at 580-678-3017


Lost: Lab

Lost 11 year old male Lab named Toby. He is brown in color and went missing in the Willowcreek neighborhood. Toby is wearing a yellow collar. Call Julie at 580-704-0471


Lost: Pitbull

Lost 6 year old female Pitbull named Sheeva. Sheeva is black in white in color and is pregnant. She has 1 white foot and was lost in the vicinity of 45th and Lee near Great Plains Vo-Tech. Wearing a red collar. Call Staci at 580-280-6637


Found: Shih Tzu

Found male Shih Tzu. He is white with black and brown on his back. Found in the vicinity of 45th and Atom. Wearing a camo collar. Call Jessi at 704-7329


Lost: Chihuahua Mix

Lost 6 year old female Chihuahua mix named CJ. She was lost in the vicinity of Sungate Addition. CJ is white with black spots and a half white/half black face. There is a reward. Call Sean at 580-574-7732


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