Dog Gone and Cat Too

Found: Sheppard Mix

Found female Sheppard Mix. She was found in the vicinity of the Comanche and Cotton COunty line near I-44. She is black with white markings. Call 580-215-3177 for more information.


Found: Puppy

Found male puggy (possibly a Pit Mix) white in color and was found in the vicinity of 16th and H Ave. Contact Tina at 580-350-7663


Lost: Yorkie

Lost female 5 year old Yorkie named Paris. She is dark brown with a golden brown face. Lost in the vicinity of 26th and Gore Blvd. Weighs about 3 pounds and has short hair. Very Friendly. Contact Brand at 284-4268


Lost: Bull Terrier

Lost male Bull Terrier named Thunder. He is white in color and was lost in the vicinity of 59th and Gore Blvd. He has a diamond shaped spot on his head. Contact Jessie at 580-215-844


Lost: Terrier Mix

Lost 3 year old female Terrier/Chihuahua mix named Tramp. She is black in color with a white back paw. Lost in the vicinity of Pioneer Park. Last seen near the Hop-N-Sack. Call 580-919-5996


Found: Border Collie/Australian Shepard mix


Found dog (not sure if male or female, too much fur)
Black and white Border Collie/ Australian Shepard Mix
Found roaming in Faxon, OK
Would guess between 6-10 years old
Blue Collar no tags
Friendly but very scared
Contact: Thomas 580-699-6257



Lost: Large Blue Brindle Italian Mastiff


Lost dog $500 reward . Large Blue Brindle Italian Mastiff wearing blue spiked collar.  Last seen near Duncan just Southeast of Pumpkin Center.  Please call 602-301-4111.

Large Brindle Italian Mastiff


Lost: Chihuahua mix

Lost: Male brown Chihuahua mix near NW 23rd and Lindy wearing a new collar but no tags. Call Christina at 580-585-8163.


Found: Female Shepard Mix

Found: Female dog, possibly Shepard Mix.

Do you know where my home is or who owns me? I was found about 4 miles south of Geronimo and i was running scared and lost my way back.

I am a female dog, possibly Shepard Mix, older in age. Markings as shown in picture. I am 21 inches tall and I weigh 37lbs. I had no collar on and my name is unknown. And I have no microchip.

I am very gentle and timid and I really like special one-on-one attention. I miss my owner and am feeling pretty down.

Please ask around, check with neighbors or any one in your area. She needs her owner. She is older and gets irritable with my 2-year-old lab. They are not compatible and therefore I cannot keep her. The shelter is not an option for her.

Contact Cathy at 580-215-3177.

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Found: Female tan Pitbull mix

Found: Female tan Pitbull mix wearing a faded red collar near Cameron University. Call Sharon at 580-483-4774.


Lost: Female black Lab

Lost: Female black Lab wearing a collar in Crystal Hills area. Call Brad at 512-4759.


Found: Male black Chihauhau

Found: Male black Chihuahua wearing a red flea collar near 67th and Oakcliff in Lee West Estates. Call Marie at 917-5998.



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Found: Female Boxer

FOUND: White Female Boxer with collar near 67th and Lee Boulevard by CW Scooters. Call 580-215-8895.


Found: Mini-Pin

FOUND: Red male Mini-Pin in the vicinity of Lowe's (44th and Cache Road) wearing a collar. Call 580-536-5505.


Found: Beagle

FOUND: Female Beagle, white with brown and black markings on the north side of Lake Lawtonka. No collar. Call 580-492-4675.